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Wall Pack Induction Fixtures

The commercial electrical contractor’s source for outdoor induction wall packs and induction wallpack lighting fixtures. Compare and buy energy-efficient and durable induction wall pack lighting for your outdoor, parking lot, street, or landscape lighting project.

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Wall pack induction fixtures designed for exterior, or outdoor, applications including parking lots, garages, building facades, entryways and exits. Induction wallpacks are the go-to choice for greater efficiency and extended lamp life. Great for stairwells and high-traffic public spaces, induction wall packs deliver when security, life safety, and ample illumination are project requirements.

Induction wallpacks are designed for large outdoor areas and almost any exterior commercial application where energy efficiency, lamp life, and a pleasing broad-spectrum light are required. Because they are designed for use outdoors, induction wall packs are built for performance in extreme conditions, and can withstand high heat, freezing cold, and wet environments. Many models of induction wall pack are tamper-resistant and vandal-resistant, as well.

Wall pack induction fixtures are available in a variety functional and decorative designs and colors. In addition to the low carbon footprint provided by their high efficiency and long lamp life, many induction wall packs are designed to reduce light pollution, which can affect nocturnal wildlife and obscure the night sky. Induction wallpack fixture housings are usually wall-mounted, and engineered to direct light between zero and 90 degrees from vertically down.

Induction energy efficient wall pack fixtures save you money on your electricity and maintenance costs. Easily replace your current metal halide MH HID, high pressure sodium HPS, or mercury vapor MV fixtures with these new wall packs. Not only will you typically cut your energy usage and electric bills by over 50%, you'll brighten up the area surrounding the wall packs. New induction wallpacks not only save energy, but have an extremely long lamp life of 80,000+ hours, which eliminates maintenance costs, but they also put out a more natural white daylight type color that allows us to see better. We have all kinds of styles available including flood types, semi cut-off 45 degree angle, and full cut-off 80 degree angle for dark sky compliance. Also available in 347V and 480V with the option to add a photocell sensor. Typical specifications include 5-10 year warranties, instant start ballast, multivolt ballasts 120-277V, high power factors, 80,000+ hour lamp, 5000k daylight white color temperature, and a high operating temperature range. We have many different options and can help figure out what the best solution is for you. Please give us a call!

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