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Aluminum high bay, industrial lighting fixtures for T8 lamps and ballasts. Fixtures have MIRO4 reflectors where specified. Fixtures with 3-4 lamps are Ideal for ceilings between 15-18 ft, depending on the application. For ceilings above 18 feet, consider increasing the number of lamps in each fixture or using T5 fixtures. These fixtures are excellent replacements for HID and HPS fixtures and can double the light output in the space. Additionally, these fixtures are instant on/off contrary to most HID or HPS technology that requires a ten minute warm up period. The lamp color is also much whiter than traditional HID/HPS lighting, so the space will appear brighter. To save additional energy, use a 28 Watt T8 super saver lamp instead of the traditional 32 Watt T8 lamp. In spaces with lower ceilings switching to 28 Watt T8 lamps can save additional energy without impacting critical light levels. Generally, the higher the ceiling, the greater quantity of lamps is required to increase light levels at ground level.

T8 fluorescent fixtures a ideal for industrial spaces, warehouses, gymnasiums, big-box retail stores, and industrial applications that have a lot of square footage, and need a lot of light per square foot. These structures use energy-efficient T8 light fixtures to keep utility bills and watts-per-square-foot to a minimum. Warehouses and other highbay applications usually have minimal need for task lighting or accent lighting, and instead emphasize high efficiency in their lighting design.

Hi-bay lighting refers to a fixture installed at a ceiling height greater than 25 feet. Super-efficient T8 linear fluorescent fixtures are the most used lighting technologies, and offer superior lamp life in addition to low energy costs.

Low-cost T8 linear fluorescent lighting is one of the most widely used light sources in high-bay and warehouse lighting applications. T8 fluorescent high-bay fixtures are manufactured in a wide variety of body types, such as I-Beams for linear fluorescents and depending on the application, the right fixture will feature aluminum, hybrid, or mirror reflectors, louvers, or a low-profile design.

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