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High Bay Induction - 100,000 Hour Lamps

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High Bay Induction - 100,000 Hour Lamps. An Induction Lamp is similar to a fluorescent lamp in that mercury in a gas fill inside the bulb is excited, emitting UV radiation that in turn is converted into visible white light by the phosphor coating on the bulb. Fluorescent lamps use electrodes inside the bulb to strike the arc and initiate the flow of current – each the arc is struck, the electrodes degrade a little, eventually causing the lamp to flicker and then fail. Induction Lamps differ in that they do not use internal electrodes, but use a high-frequency generator with a power coupler. The generator produces a radio frequency magnetic field to excite the gas fill. With no electrodes, the lamp lasts longer, up to 100,000 hours, with the lamp producing 70% of its original light output at 60,000 hours.

Luminaires and fixtures housing induction lamps are quickly becoming a preferred choice for warehouses, gymnasiums, big-box retail stores, and certain industrial applications that have a lot of square footage. These spaces demand a lot of light per square foot, and more lumens per watt than other applications. Retrofits and new construction of these structure types benefit from the crisp, bright lighting and super-high efficiency of of induction light fixtures. That's because the buildings use energy-efficient hi-bay light fixtures to keep utility bills and watts-per-square-foot to a minimum.

For high-ceiling spaces like certain industrial settings, warehouses and other highbay applications, the need for task lighting or accent lighting is usually minimal. Instead, they emphasize high efficiency in their lighting design. Hi-bay lighting refers to a fixture installed at a ceiling height greater than 25 feet. Circular, tubular and globe-style induction lamps are one of the most-used lighting technologies for these jobs, and offer unbeatable lamp life in addition to the big reduction in energy costs.
Induction lighting fixtures deliver added value through year-over-year energy savings and ROI. The result is a low total cost of ownership, and a visual environment built to meet productivity, security, and life safety considerations.

Induction high-bay fixtures are manufactured in a wide variety of body types. Depending on the application, the right fixture will feature aluminum, hybrid, or mirror reflectors, louvers, or a low-profile design.

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