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Free Shipping For Orders Over $95
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Induction Gas Canopy Fixtures

The commercial electrical contractor’s source for energy efficient gas station induction lighting fixtures. Compare and buy ceiling mount and surface mount induction fixtures for your convenience store, gas station, or service island lighting project or retrofit.

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From fuel pump canopy lights to surface mount all purpose lighting, 24-hour business like gas stations, service stations, and convenience stores, demand durable light sources that provide high-quality illumination around the clock. These applications benefit from the energy savings, bright illumination and ultra-long lamp life of induction fixtures and retrofit kits.

Our line of service station lighting and gas station fixtures includes everything from standard rectangular surface mount garage fixtures to exterior ceiling mount pendant retrofit kits with stem and dimming control.  The unmatched lamp life and time-tested technology of induction lighting brings gas stations and convenience stores a maintenance-free installation for years, and a low total cost of ownership to go along with it.

Rule of thumb - begin by dividing your current HID, HPS, or LPS fixture wattage in half to determine what the new energy efficient gas station fixture will be. Induction lamps emit approximately the same amount of light with only 40-50% of the older technology's energy use. For higher wattage lamps you can go to about 40% of the wattage and put out the same light. Example - a 400W HID or HPS pole light can be replaced with a 150W Induction Kit and put out the same light with a 63% energy savings.

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